Basic Skills



 A layout is executed when the body is horizontal on the surface of the water. A front layout is when the swimmer is looking at the bottom of the pool and a back layout is when the swimmer is looking up at the sky. 

Sail Boat

A Sail boat is like a back layout but one leg is bent in with the toe of the bent leg on the knee of the leg that is on the surface. 


Ballet Leg

 A ballet leg is similar to a sail boat except one leg is straight and perpendicular to the water and the other is straight and on the surface of the water.  


Back Tuck Somersault

 From a back layout position, the knees are pulled into the chest to form a small ball or tuck position. the swimmer then rotates around until they are once again in a tuck on the surface. The legs are extended back out into a back layout.  


Eggbeater is a form of treading water that Synchronized Swimmers use to stay above the water. It involves having the swimmers body in a squat like position and rotating the lower half of their legs in circles to propel them upwards. 

Boost (Jump)

A boost is when a swimmer leans there body forward in eggbeater into a prep position called rotary and then simultaneously whip kick there legs together and lift up there torso to be perpendicular to the water to achieve maximum height out of the water.